How to Obtain Your Loved One’s Ashes

How to Obtain Your Loved One's Ashes

How to Obtain Your Loved One’s Ashes: A Guide to the Process

Understanding how to obtain your loved one’s ashes is a crucial step in the journey of saying goodbye. We will guide you through the process of receiving your loved one’s ashes.


Receiving your loved one’s ashes begins after cremation.

Cremation is a popular choice due to its affordability and flexibility compared to traditional burial.

Before the cremation, you will need to specify your preferences or provide instructions to your funeral director on who will be collecting the ashes.

Collection of your loved one’s ashes

The timeline for collecting the ashes can vary, but typically falls within a week after the cremation. Several factors, such as the procedures of the crematorium and their availability, may influence the timeframe. The goal is to return the ashes to the family as promptly as possible, understanding the sensitivity of the matter.

Location for Ash Collection

Melbourne offers several options for collecting your loved one’s ashes. These options include:

  1. Collection at the cemetery: You can choose to collect the ashes directly from the cemetery where the cremation took place. This option is convenient and may provide a sense of closure. You will need to schedule an appointment with the cemetery, then meet at that time to collect the ashes.
  2. In some cases, your funeral director may collect your loved one’s ashes on your behalf.

The ashes are usually provided from the crematorium in a plastic container, enveloped by a white box. This is roughly the size of a shoe box.

Urn Options

The internet provides endless options of urns to choose from.

  1. Standard urn: this is a basic, functional container. You may choose to upgrade to a more personalised urn if desired.
  2. Decorative urns: If you prefer a more aesthetically pleasing and personalised container. You can select from a range of decorative urns available in different materials, styles and sizes. These urns can be customised to reflect your loved one’s personality and preferences.
  3. Keepsake item: are smaller containers or even jewellery that enable you to keep a small amount of the ashes. This allows the remaining ashes to be scattered or interred at a special location.

This is an excellent option if you wish to share the ashes among family members or keep a small keepsake.

Handling Ashes with Respect

Once you have your loved one’s ashes, it’s important to handle them with care and respect.  Store the container in a safe and secure place, protecting it from potential harm or accidents. Many families choose to place the urn in a prominent location in their home as a lasting tribute.

Understanding how to obtain your loved one’s ashes is a vital part of the grieving process. The choices for collecting ashes and selecting the right urn, all contribute to the meaningful process of saying your final goodbye.

The assistance of your local funeral director ensures that your loved one’s wishes are honoured. The support from us as your Melbourne funeral director is invaluable. We are here for you to make the process more manageable.

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