The most important Funeral Checklist

The most important Funeral Checklist

The most important funeral checklist: 

A Comprehensive Guide for Planning a Meaningful Farewell


Planning a funeral can be challenging task. Having a checklist to guide you through the process can be immensely helpful.  A funeral checklist ensures that you cover all the necessary arrangements.  This allows you to focus on honoring your loved one’s memory. Whilst providing support to your family and friends.

We present the most important funeral checklist to assist you in planning a meaningful farewell.  As your local funeral director, we will guide you through the decision-making process.  

Notify Family and Friends:

Begin by notifying immediate family members and close friends about the passing of your loved one. Once known, share the essential details regarding the funeral service. This may include the date, time and location. Ask them to assist in notifying others who should be informed.

Consult with the Deceased’s Wishes:

Consider any pre-planned funeral arrangements or expressed wishes of the deceased. This may include their preference for burial or cremation, specific religious or cultural practices or requests for memorial donations in lieu of flowers. Respecting their wishes will ensure a personalised and meaningful farewell.

Choose a Funeral Home:

When your ready, contact us, the funeral home. Discuss your requirements and budget with us.  Ask your consultant about our services and inclusions. As funeral directors, we will guide you through this process, including transportation, embalming (if applicable) and the coordination of various aspects of the funeral.

Select a venue: Choose a venue for the funeral service. This could be a church, chapel, community centre or graveside. Consider the capacity, location and availability of the venue. We  will then book and confirm all venue details for you.

Coordinate with Officiants:

Determine who you would like to officiate the funeral service. It can be a religious leader, a celebrant or a family member or friend who will conduct the ceremony. We will coordinate with them, provide necessary information and arrange for them to make contact with you.

Prepare an Obituary:

Write an obituary, to announce the passing of your loved one. Include important details such as their full name, date of birth, date of passing. Submit the obituary to local newspapers or online platforms as per your preference. Information about the funeral service is written in a separate funeral notice that we will arrange. 

Arrange Transportation:

CG Moody will make all arrangements for transportation of your loved one. Whether it is to our funeral home, the venue or the cemetery. 

Select Pallbearers:

If necessary, choose individuals who will serve as pallbearers during the funeral service. These can be family members, close friends or individuals. They may have held a significant place in your loved one’s life. Notify them in advance and provide information regarding their roles.

Plan the Order of Service: If applicable

As your local funeral director, will work with the officiant and family members to create an order of service. This includes selecting readings, music, prayers, eulogies and any other elements that will be part of the funeral ceremony. Consider incorporating personal touches and meaningful tributes.

Floral Arrangements:

Determine the preferred types of flowers or any specific requests. You can also suggest that mourners make donations to a charity in lieu of flowers.  If that was the deceased’s wish.

Consider Reception Arrangements:

Decide whether you will have a reception/wake or gathering following the funeral service. As your experienced funeral director, we will book your chosen venue, arrange for catering or refreshments.  We will assist to inform guests about the post-service arrangements.

Prepare Funeral Memorial Materials:

Our team can also assist to create memorial materials such as printed programs, photo displays, or video tributes. Include meaningful photographs, quotes or memories that celebrate the life of your loved one.

The most important funeral checklist details above, are a helpful guide to refer to. 

Your local funeral director will assist you through the entire funeral arranging process.

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