8 Things You Need To Know When Planning A Funeral

8 things you need to know when planning a funeral

8 things you need to know when planning a funeral

When planning a funeral service, knowing the necessary details required, are important for all to run smoothly.

1. Personal Information

Initial details required when arranging a funeral, are your loved ones personal information. This includes their full name, including any middle names, date of birth and date they passed.  Other details are also required. Such as their occupation, place of birth, marital status and children. Their parents’ names and occupations. This important personal information will complete the death certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM). This is a legal document that certifies the cause of death.

How long does it take to get a death certificate?

It can take up to 2 weeks for BDM to process and 3 months for the Coroners.

2. Funeral Director

Providing contact details of your local funeral director is the second piece of information you need when making funeral arrangements. As your funeral director, we will assist you with organising all elements of the funeral. We also arrange for transportation of your loved one into our care. We will provide guidance and support to you and your family with the arrangement and will streamline the process for you.

3. Funeral Service

With several types of funeral styles to choose from.  It’s important to discuss these details with your funeral director.  Our female and male funeral directors will explain and ensure that the funeral service you choose, reflects the wishes of your loved one and your family.

4. Venue

Choosing a venue for the funeral service may depend on the type and size of service you would like to have. A traditional funeral service, will usually take place in a chapel or a church.  Or you may even choose a venue that has a special meaning to your loved one or your family. eg. their favourite sporting club

5. Funeral Music, Readings or Prayers

Choosing and playing the right piece of music is often the perfect way to say goodbye and pay special tribute to your loved one.  Your choices can provide comfort and support to family and friends.

6. Pallbearers

The sixth piece of information needed when arranging a funeral is names of the pallbearers. Pallbearers are individuals who carry the coffin or casket during the funeral service. It is customary to choose close family members or friends to act as pallbearers.

7. Flowers and Donations

Flowers at a funeral service are a lovely way to pay tribute to your loved one. Donations can also be made in memory of their memory to a charity or cause that was important to them.

8. Obituary

An obituary is a written notice that is published in the newspaper to announce the death of your loved one.  Accurate information for this publication is required by your funeral director.

Arranging a funeral is a difficult task that requires careful consideration and planning.  The correct information is essential to ensure that all funeral arrangements are carried out effectively.  They also reflect the wishes of your loved one and their family. It is important to work with your funeral director to ensure that all aspects of the funeral service are executed with care and sensitivity.  This ensures that you will honour the memory of your loved one. While also providing comfort and support to your family during this time.

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