What you need to know about funeral costs

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The arrangement of a funeral or memorial service can be a challenging task. Funeral costs can vary and it’s important to understand what you’re paying for and how to manage such expenses.  We’ll explore what you need to know about funeral costs and the factors that impact funeral costs in Melbourne. Including the different types of funerals available and tips on managing funeral costs.

Factors that impact funeral costs:

Several factors impact funeral costs in Melbourne. The location of the funeral home, the type of service chosen and the level of customisation. 

Other factors that can impact funeral costs include:

Cremation or burial: 

The choice between cremation and burial can significantly impact the cost of a funeral service. Cremation is generally less expensive than burial due to the lower cost of cremation services. Whereas burial expenses may include the purchase of a burial plot and headstone.

Funeral home fees: 

Funeral home fees can vary depending on the location, size of the funeral home and the services provided. 


The cost of funeral services can vary. It can depend on the location of the funeral home and cemetery. 

Cemetery fees: 

Cemetery fees can vary depending on the location, size of the cemetery, and the type of burial plot selected.

Types of funerals: 

There are several types of funerals available in Melbourne. The type of funeral chosen will impact the total cost. Some of the most common types of funerals available:

Traditional funeral: 

A traditional funeral involves a viewing, funeral service and burial or cremation. This is the most common type of funeral and can be customised to suit the family’s preferences.

Direct cremation: 

Is the least expensive and simplest funeral option. This service involves cremating you loved one without any funeral service or viewing.

Green funeral: 

A green funeral is an eco-friendly option that involves burying the body in a biodegradable coffin or shroud. This type of funeral is becoming more popular in Australia.

Memorial service: 

Is a service held after the burial or cremation. This type of service can be customised to the family’s preferences and can be held anywhere.

Tips for managing funeral costs:

Managing funeral costs can be challenging, but there are a few ways to reduce expenses.  Here are some of our tips to consider when managing funeral costs:

Pre-planning: Arranging a funeral in advance can assist in reducing funeral costs.   It allows you to choose the services and products you want at current pricing, which you can then choose to prepay.

Consider having your loved one cremated, this will reduce costs.

Setting a budget can help you avoid over spending and manage funeral costs.

What you need to know about funeral costs overview

Funeral costs can be a significant expense for families, but understanding the factors that impact these costs and the different types of funerals available can help manage expenses. By considering pre-planning and exploring alternative options, families can ensure a respectful and meaningful funeral service without breaking the bank. 

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