Must know tips for arranging a funeral

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Must know Tips For Arranging a Funeral

If a close friend or family member has passed, you may be in the position of hosting a funeral.  Whether or not you are the primary organiser, as a dear loved on of the deceased, you will likely be centre of attention during the funeral and wake.  A death can conjure up a whole range of emotions: Our funeral directors can help with guidance to help you through this challenging time.

Arranging a Funeral 

      • Plan the reception thoroughly in advance

    The greatest way to set yourself up for success during the funeral reception is to plan everything well in advance.  Organise any catering, venue and clean up considerations so that you have a less obligations on the day of the funeral. 

      Many people worry about their funeral attire.  It’s essential to wear something that will keep you comfortable throughout the service.  If you are iffy about an item of clothing, bring an alternate that you can change into if need be.  Though you will want to wear shoes and dress clothes that are appropriate.  It’s important that the ensemble is wearable for the during of all the funeral events.  You don’t want shoes that haven’t been properly broken in, clothing that is too tight, cold or warm.  Try to think ahead so that you can be as mindfully present at as possible.

          • Don’t force everything to be perfect

        Hosting a funeral is different from hosting a dinner, party or wedding.  You don’t need to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves, or fuss about the details.  Your guests are there to ensure your comfort. Relax as much as possible and focus on paying tribute to the life and character of the person of honour.  

        Receive condolences and share memories

        The funeral reception is your chance to engage with others who knew your loved one, perhaps in ways that you didn’t know them.  If you organised a fairly hands-off reception, you can use this time to share memories with others and fully explore the life story of your loved one.  Collective mourning is an important part of a funeral.  The reception or wake, is the chance for one-on-one chats and sharing of stories.  It’s where the most genuine and personal support will emerge.  Guests will be eager to show photos of your loved one, offer words of comfort and share special memories.  This time is invaluable.

            • Take breaks

          Some funeral days include a visitation, funeral procession, funeral service and reception or wake and sometimes even a post-reception gathering.  It’s a marathon, not a race!  Make sure you take the time and space throughout the day, so that you have the energy to continue bereavement events.  It’s okay to excuse yourself for a breath of air, glass of water or private cry in order to feel grounded for the rest of the day. 

          Understand The Funeral Day’s Schedule

          You need to know timings and venues so you can draw up a timetable and keep it discreetly to hand.  Make sure all family members are in agreement.  There could be multiple venues involved.  The home(s) of the family members who you are transporting, the funeral service location, the crematorium or place of burial. 

          Also the venue for the wake / refreshments.  If there are several funeral cars travelling in the funeral cortege, you should coordinate times and meeting places with the other drivers.  Ideally, you should be waiting to pick up family around 5 minutes in advance of the agreed time.  Any earlier can make them feel pressured on what is already a very stressful or even traumatic day.  Leave plenty of time to make your first journey and wait around the corner if necessary until the scheduled time. 

          It’s important to spend your time caring for yourself. This may be a great opportunity to hear stories from some of the people who knew your loved one.  If you need more professional advice on how to have a respectful, appropriate funeral.

          We are here to help you!  Speak with our funeral directors today

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