Why do I need a funeral director?

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Why Do I Need a Funeral Director?

Arranging a funeral or celebration of life, is much more pleasant when you choose the right funeral director.  It is important to note that there is plenty of support available to assist with this daunting task.  A funeral director assists in all aspects of planning a funeral.  We provide guidance and consultation to family members, helping families with important decisions and navigate the funeral proceedings.

Who is a funeral director?

funeral director is in charge of managing a funeral home.  We oversee all operations in the funeral home.  We work with families to understand their needs for an upcoming funeral service.  We often outsource an officiant or funeral celebrant of their religion, order flowers, coordinate catering and much more.  We coordinate each and every aspect of the funeral.  These details include the date, time, location, scheduling of vendors and arranging transportation to and from the cemetery, chapel or church.  Our funeral director also plays an important role in helping family members make decisions that are right for them.  Because funeral directors will work with people of all religions and cultures. A good understanding of different beliefs is important.  Funeral directors also need to know the laws in their state regarding all funeral procedures and issuing of death certificates.

Reasons you need a funeral director

Choosing a funeral director in Melbourne can be an emotional process, particularly given that most people have very little experience in organising funerals and ask themselves “How do I arrange a funeral?”. As you navigate these unchartered waters.  It can help to know what to look for in a Melbourne funeral director.  The below reasons are why you need a funeral director:

 1. Funeral directors will help you realise any known wishes 

If your loved one has previously spoken about their wishes, your funeral director will do all they can to support you in making these wishes a reality.  Their job is to make anything possible (within reason, of course).

 2. Funeral directors will guide you through the process

If your deceased loved one’s funeral has not been pre-arranged or arranged as a pre-paid funeral. Then our funeral director can guide you through the detail of organising a funeral.   We will help you make all the decisions, big or small, including those that you didn’t know you had to make.   These decisions may include:

– Whether to choose burial or cremation

– The day, time and venue of the service

– Who should lead the ceremony – this might be a funeral celebrant, clergy, a family member, a friend or a member of your faith

– Where to hold the service – this could be in a church, a funeral home chapel, a special venue or function room, a club or hall, a park, on the beach. Or anywhere else you would like

– As your local funeral director, we will provide you with as much support or guidance as you need

– We can make arrangements on your behalf, if needed. We can help you coordinate with a memorial park or cemetery regarding the cremation or burial.

3. Funeral directors can help you personalise the service

A personalised funeral can be a celebration of a unique life that has been lived.  As your local Melbourne funeral director, we will work with you to make sure that the funeral service is a fitting reflection of your loved one’s life.  Our funeral celebrant may ask you questions about your deceased loved one’s preferences.  Such as music, hobbies, favourite books and more and help you weave these interests or passions into a beautiful service.  It could be quiet, traditional funeral held at a local church; or a bright and colourful unique funeral service where everyone wears their sports team colours.  Nearly anything is possible and our experienced Melbourne funeral director will help you make it happen.  As professional funeral directors, our Pascoe Vale funeral home can also provide our chapel for viewing your deceased loved one. This is held in a private and caring and supportive environment.

4. We can also help with an event after the service

As your Melbourne funeral director, we will help you organise a social gathering following the service, sometimes called a wake or funeral refreshments.  We can either arrange this under your directions or help connect you with caterers, venues or other professionals to make sure that it runs as smoothly as can be.  We can organise it all, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.  If a cremation is taking place, as your chosen funeral director, we can provide you with guidance for Fawkner Memorial Park or Altona Memorial Park, or Springvale Botannical Cemetery to arrange the collection of your loved ones ashes.

5. Funeral directors can take care of all the logistics

As well as helping you create the perfect funeral service, your male or female funeral director can take care of all the little things so you don’t have to worry about them.  It’s up to you how much your preferred funeral director takes on.  There are some standard services that an experienced funeral director will take care of:

      • Transfer of the deceased to the funeral home

      • Registration of death with the registrar of births, deaths and marriages

      • Collection of medical certificates and registration of death

      • Preparation of your loved one by qualified and caring personnel

    Then, you have the option of getting us, as your funeral director to help with the following services, too:

        • Liaising with cemeteries or crematorium of your choice

        • Arrangements with church, chapel or a venue you choose

        • Consulting with clergy or celebrant

        • Advice on wording and placement of death notices and the funeral notice

        • Arranging and preparing a viewing of the deceased

        • Organising funeral floral arrangements

        • Organising funeral music and photo presentations

        • Mourning stationery such as memorial cards and order of service

        • Video recording or live streaming of the funeral for those unable to attend

        • Keep your funeral budget in mind to be an affordable funeral

      How will a funeral director assist me with planning a funeral?

      As your local funeral director, together with the family members, we will determine where the funeral service will take place, whether your loved one will be buried or cremated, the date and time of the funeral. Then following this your funeral director will assist to decide on the wake or refreshments details.


      Most cremations in Melbourne take place at either Fawkner Crematorium or Altona Crematorium.  You may decide to purchase a niche for your loved ones ashes and you can take care of these details yourself directly with Fawkner Memorial Park, Altona Memorial Park or Springvale Botanical Cemetery but know that if you need guidance or advice, as your funeral director, we are there to assist you.  

      Following that, your Melbourne funeral director will be responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly.  Funeral directors will also oversee transportation for family members and supervise the burial or cremation.  It is the funeral director’s responsibility to ensure the requests made by the family members are respected on the day, and to be on hand at all times should the bereaved need it.

      How will a funeral director support me and my family?

      Trying to plan a funeral while coping with grief can be incredibly difficult, but know that you can lean on your funeral director throughout the process.  Managing administrative requirements and death notices come under the job description of a funeral director, so don’t put pressure on yourself to know how to handle these things.  Instead, rely on the expertise of your local funeral home.  And know that the support doesn’t end with a funeral.  As your funeral director, we are always available to answer any of your questions and assist in any way possible.  We’ll also plan for the funeral floral tributes to be forwarded to family members, organisations or charity, depending on your requests.

       What Can I expect from my funeral director?

      You can expect professional guidance from us, your local north west funeral director.  We are an empathetic team of female and male funeral directors providing sympathy and compassion, when you need it most.  With that said, you can count on us 24 hours a day, seven days a week if required, when your loved one passes.  C.G. Moody & Daughter Funeral Directors often arrange the details of a funeral in as short as 24 hours, we’re extremely experienced in our field and will be able to comfortably accommodate your needs for a funeral service.

       What requests can I make of a funeral director?

      Prior to the funeral, you can state your preference on whether you’d prefer your deceased loved one to remain at home for some additional time or be transferred into our funeral mortuary care immediately.  Following that discussion, we will arrange an appointment time for you to come into our office.  You will then be able to discuss with your funeral director all details relating to a burial, entombment or cremation, depending on your wishes.  Remember that as experienced funeral directors, we are there to accommodate you, so if you also have requests from coffins and catering to music, live streaming and flowers, we are able to assist.  The same goes for after the funeral, so don’t hesitate to reach out for support and make enquiries post funeral service.

      As your local Pascoe Vale funeral director, we can help you with as much (or as little) as you like. Unlike most people who have not had to organise a funeral before. Our team of funeral directors know what needs to be done and we are there to share our expert knowledge with you in a caring and compassionate way.

      If you need a caring and compassionate Melbourne funeral director to plan your funeral event perfectly, we are always here to offer our remarkable services to ensuring your funeral service is flawless. 

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